Friday, November 24, 2006

Lazy Me

So i guess it indeed has been awhile since I last updated my blog. Okay, here's a quick catch up to what's been happening....Went up to Seattle for a quick trip for work, and the weather up there was like a monsoon. For a minute, I thought I was back in South Florida in the middle of a hurricane, I thought I left that all behind me. It is great to be back home in Portland....the weather has gotten a little chilly, still debating whether to get chains for my tires as we live up near the west hills and it may get quite icy up that way. The trees are starting to get a little bare but the turning of the leaves 2 weeks ago was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. I am looking forward to a nice quiet holiday in my little apt. Guess what? We finally sold our house back in FLA. I am very excited about looking for my new home here. It's going to be so fun searching, and with the market leveling off here, I am hopeful I can a decent size home. Looking forward to entertaining too as I have met some wonderful ppl here, not just at work, but at other places too. Thanksgiving this year was very fun. Went to an "orphans" turkey dinner at a friend's house. What was my favorite dish this year? The drunken yams of course. Marinated and cooked in Grand Marnier and topped off with a brown sugar glaze. My next favorite dish was my potatoes, and of course the gravy. The Turkey that S. made was also very good. I've never made a turkey in a basting bag before. Maybe I will try that next year. This was my first year not cooking, and it was so nice to just spend it with close friends, including my new friends Carol and Mike whom I met at a dinner party. They have this incredible house with a really cool industrial looking kitchen that Mike had worked so hard on. I loved the stainless steel and granite/stone look of their kitchen. It gives me great ideas on how I would like to envision my own kitchen. Of course not the same, but their kitchen and appliances is close to what I had in mind for my own little epicurean adventures. I only stayed for appetizers and champagne, but got to meet Mike's family while I was there. Their baby son Dash is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. I am so ready to baby sit anytime for them! Thanksgiving was terrific this year, thank you S. for the lovely homecooked feast,and N. for the delicious salad, and Carol and Mike for inviting us to your home.
Cheers and good health to all!

Friday, November 10, 2006


022812 516 2:50 pm. Going back to Seattle via train on Sunday. Pretty exciting!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Birthday Boy

Had a terrific evening last night at Brazil's Grille with some friends. Lot's of good healthy laughs and good food to go along. Did we feel a bit carnivorous last night....absolutely. The meats wouldn't stop coming around. Then there was the Pineapple craze. I still believe it was braised in some liqueur, but the waiter swears it was only cooked with sugar and cinnamon. One of my favorite moments last night however, was knowing that a part of the proceeds from our bottles of wine went to the breast cancer cause. Oh! The birthday boy also had a great time too! I've never heard so many toasts and good wishes before, and he ate 2 big slices of decadent chocolate cake that JBO got for him. Hey guys...There's still a lot of cake left...anyone up for seconds??? Saving a piece for Nat. Hope she feels better.