Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks giving chez Marguerite

This year, I decided to cook after all! The Turkey came out delicious, we had Ms. Renner's famous Drunken Yams and Green bean casserole amongst other delightful treats. Jill and Geoff came over later that evening and we had a blast making Ginger bread houses. Had a little problem with the foundation as each of our roofs kept sliding off. Hot toddies and dessert wines were the best accompaniement with our pecan pies.

Saturday night, we are having Florian and Dina over for dinner. What am I serving?
Sea Diver Scallops Gremoloise with Yukon potatoes gratin and cream, and fresh asparagus with a mustard sauce. I think a nice chilled Riesling will go nicely with this dish.

Next weekend: Dinner with my beautiful Natalie and Steven.