Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cheers! - oba

A toast to new friends and to everyone that was not able to hop aboard the epicurean train today....What a day this was. J & I Started with crab rangoon, lettuce wraps, singapore curry noodles, chile shrimp, chicken & brocolli, mu-shu wraps, sweet & sour chicken at PF-Changs for lunch with the gals at POVA (What a treat...thank you so much) and then off to Sauce Box after a productive day at work where we (D, J, B, C, and myself) enjoyed peach coolers, pomegranite mojitos, red wine, fruity cosmopolitans to go with our delectable selection of sushi, eggrolls, and endamame (a good source of vitamin and protein). My day of feasting on asian fusion cuisine along with great drinks and conversation, (all very stimulating i must add), extended to Oba over in the Pearl. C had some crazy cosmopolitan that had serrano chiles in it which packed quite a punch on the scoville scale...i'm thinking around 500,000 units. I wouldn't recommend this drink for anyone with a weak stomach! So the question of the day is: what is your new favorite drink?
Oh by the ways, we missed S & N, wish you two were with us! S-Can't wait to see your new stylish haircut in the AM, and N-hope you had a blast at your concert

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sea Bass??- paris

I learned something quite disturbing today...something that I should have already known but carelessly ignored. Did you know that Chilean Sea Bass (the expensive fish that upscale restaurants like to charge a fortune for) is really not sea bass, or from Chile? It's actually a bottom type dwelling fish (like "un-raised" farm fresh catfish)an ugly one for that matter that was renamed and remarketed for the american consumer as "Chilean Sea Bass" It has actually been over-fished to the point of extinction. The ironic thing is that it was once a low-grade fish that was so unpopular, someone decided that they could make a lot of money and "re-invent" this common fish. I think the next time I am in a trendy restaurant that serves this..i will say no thanks, I'll spend my $32 on something else? Any thoughts on what you would spend $32 one??

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oyster Picking - indian beach

So far so good. My days here in Portland are pretty fantastic. I have a wonderful job, great husband and friends that I absolutely adore. Labor day weekend is just around the corner and I am looking forward to a nice 3-day holiday weekend with the hubby and a few family members. For my friends and family back in Florida, I hope Hurricane Ernesto doesn't hit you guys too hard. Make sure you stock up on water, gas, propane, and shutter your homes. I'll be thinking of all of you. Here's a picture to motivate you to come to Portland! (Chris searching for oysters)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Nat to the Rescue - Triple Falls

My dear friend Nat fixed my sorry looking blog page. What would i do without the knitting-photo-taking bicycist! She is like a sister to me and thanks to her...i now know the basics of knitting and for the first time, am in tuned with the modern world of blogging.

C-went on another hike today- he's trying to get in as many as possible before he has to go back to work. Imagine that....I won't have someone who is going to wait hand and foot on me anymore....who's going to have the laundry done everyday, or the place vacuumed, or dinner waiting when i get home. I never thought i would be the one to say that i enjoy having a house-husband.

Took the bus for the first time today and did not get lost....imagine that! My friends back home would never believe it. One of my bosses today couldn't believe that i was actually going to take the bus and called me a princess (in a nice way of course!) :) I'm slowly evolving.......

Sunday, August 27, 2006

fun on a sunday - Lake o.

Went antique shopping with a friend over at Sellwood, a quaint little town near lake o. Rummaged through some neat items, including a pair of used pump shoes that were such darlings. Ended up picking up a foot stool and a "private beach" sign that I know will look great over my desk next to my sand garden as I have to have a few memories of S. florida.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

my blog begins - Sunset tc

Helped a friend move today into her new digs. Her mom made the best cookies! Going to H-block tonight for some delicious grub and beer.